7th February 2017

Woke up at 7:30, intending to go to the gym… alas the typical northern weather (rain) put me off the walk up there, and I’m playing netball later with the college society.

Instead, I had a lovely cup of chai tea and one of those New York red onion bagels – my bff got me into these after a night out drinking, just after A2s… and then a fuji apple: an Asian or Oriental apple, often pink in colour rather than red. Crisp with a distinct and refreshing flavour. My grandma used to buy me these as a kid and they were MAHOOSIVE and could only manage half of one at a time… good memories, good memories. 

Feeling a bit rubbish to be honest, as I got my criminal law exam result back today and managed to pull 45%. That’s a third, but I can’t resit the exam as I’ve passed (it’s not a good pass but still.) I know it’s my first exam and it’s only worth 30% of the module (so about 5% of the first year) but I feel down about it. I’d worked so hard during revision and now it’s making me really anxious about tomorrow’s property law coursework result. Ugh. 

Whilst I’m really pleased that some of my friends got firsts and high 2:1s, I am a little frustrated (again) that some of them don’t turn up to lectures or revise or put much effort in at all. One person left the exam early because they couldn’t be bothered and still managed to beat me by at least 20%! But comparing myself to others isn’t the answer to achieving better… and I’ll be speaking to my lecturers to help me improve (more than the bare minimum in feedback that I was given.) I deffo needed that bacon and avocado wholewheat wrap😛🥓🥑

Fingers crossed for tomorrow, and looks like I’ll be placing my negative emotions into netball later, and hopefully doing as well as I was at the last session☺

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