8th February

Very chilly and achy this morning- instead of going to netball I went to the gym last night as my interim session overranšŸ˜­

Detoured early this morning to the post centre to pick up my extremely large Amazon package for a medium sized pot of hair gel – why does Amazon consistently use oversized boxes? Jeez ever heard of the environment; it’s incredibly ironic that the company is named after one of the most threatened places on the planet… any way, I used the wonderful “Gorilla Snot: Punk” hair gel (smelling pleasantly of oranges) that truly lives up to its name of “snot” due to the consistency. Grim. But it held its shape all day, despite the cold and wind! 10/10, just like it’s hold meteršŸ˜

Went to Legal Skills and watched the other members of the student law firm (we’re called Barely Legal hahah) negotiate really well with another firm. Didn’t go to the lecture because I had to go to the doctors for a check up (did a blood test and now my arm is KILLING, but other than that I’m all clear wahooo!)
Treated myself to getting my nails done as they were offering student discount and I’d torn my left ring finger nail somehow and it needed protecting. I was the only customer there today, and the Chinese lady and her son were chatting in Mandarin- I could actually understand some bits and the TV programme that was on with characters underneath, but I didn’t let on hahah… they then switched to Bridget Jones’ baby which was nice to watch whilst relaxing and getting my nails shaped. 

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