Today I found out that my two housemates-to-be (Faith and Olivia) and I have managed to secure our first choice accommodation for our second year. Result! The three bedroom house is ideal distance from the shops, cashpoint, bus stop, uni, the gym etc and is maintained really well. There’s a gorgeous bathroom with a bath and a separate shower, really big bedrooms and cute, functional communal spaces. By communal spaces I mean a small kitchen, lounge and a patio area with a garden shed and parking out the back. And the rent (which includes the whole schbang of water, gas, heating, electricity, wifi, TV licence and insurance) is less than the uni halls we’re in now! I’m so pleased we got this house, as it just feels so homely and clean; I wouldn’t have minded living in our second choice but it was in a block of flats as an apartment and felt like it lacked a homely and neigbourly feel. 

Some of the houses we had looked at were kinda grim, and in need of some TLC. Or a deep clean. One stank of cheesy feet and cigarette smoke and there were sticky, empty beer bottles covering every available surface. Another was damp, didn’t have double glazing windows (more expensive bills, colder too) and the walls were screaming for a replaster and a (few) lick of paint. Faith and I scrubbed our feet afterwards as we had to take our shoes off and could feel the grimy, dirty carpet. Minging. But we were friendly and polite to the property agents, and I think that really helped us in our application.

The three of us are really close friends, getting takeaways or meals out or home cooked, and tagging each other in stupid and cute Facebook posts. We all study law together, we sit together in plenaries but are all in different student law firms at the moment, so we do have time apart. I reckon we will still sit with Donny, Rach and Lucy in our core modules next year, but depending on our elective option choices the law gals may be split up😭

I’m thinking of selecting contemporary issue based “counter-terrorism” or the brand new “international foundations” module for term one. I’d prefer to study counter-terrorism as I focused on conflict and global challenges at A2 geography and I LOVED the topic: highly interesting and contraversial which opened up lots of discussion and debate. 

For the second term, I’m really stuck between “human rights in a globalised world” and “medical law”. I’ve always been fascinated with human rights, and wanted to be like Amal Clooney (a top human rights lawyer, with very good taste in shoes😍) but medical law has always been unknown and exciting to me – especially because I’m diabetic and spend so much time involved with the NHS and doctors. Furthermore, topics such as euthanasia, PVS, and (more personal) terminal or deteriorative diseases have always been an interest of mine, and I feel that my A grade (1 mark off an A*!) A level biology could be put to use…. or not😂 I think this is going to be a more difficult decision than for term one, but I like the idea of having a broader range of topics i.e. One contemporary issues and one medical. We’ll have to see! 

The law gals seemed to like Family Law, Foundational Issues, Criminal Justice and Business Law… but we’ll let time run its course and wait for our choices. I probably won’t talk to them about my options as I don’t want to influence or be influenced by their choices. 

Looking forward to year two already!

Bye for now, from stressed out Ellie (who’s currently working on a piece of coursework about defamation) ⚖️


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