Sloffee Cake

At uni, we celebrate birthdays by making a cake, and chipping in a fiver each for presents and a card. My housemate Ellie and I take it turns to bake the birthday cake (so far I’ve made chocolate penis cake and am planning to bake a lemon cake and a pizza cake!) and today I baked a sloffee cake: coffee cake with sloth decorations. 

I got the inspiration from Pinterest, and for once it didn’t fail like you see on LADBible and Buzzfeed. Brill. Anyways, Ellie loves sloths – a lot. I’ve been in her room and she has sloth calendars, plush toys, mugs, pictures… cute but if you’re afraid of sloths then avoid at all costs. 

So as I’m stressed with my coursework/looking for a creative outlet/unabashedly procrastinating😅 I spent the afternoon baking and icing her cake! I used a BBC Good Food recipe for the cake (250g butter, caster sugar, self raising flour, 4 eggs, 50ml strong coffee, tsp vanilla extract, crushed walnuts; 150g butter, 200g icing sugar, 40g of cocoa power) and it’s turned out fantastically! 

I bought a hand mixer today from Argos… a nice lightweight yet powerful £12.79 Russell Hobbs model. Sadly, twenty minutes after purchasing, (3 minutes of mixing) the mixer stopped working and mixing; it had overheated and I reckon a fuse went. Not good and will be making a return to Argos in the (very) near future😒
Anyway, I can’t wait to see Ellie’s face tomorrow! Voted the best cake so far, I hope she loves it and appreciates the hard work and love😁🎂


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