Ah Valentine’s Day… another pointless commercialisation of a Saint… maybe I’m just bitter, cynical and grumpy, 

Yet I feel that if you truly love someone, a particular day to express it and spoil your SO or let your crush know you like them may be cute and romantic, but to me the whole farce seems false and forced. This year I’m single (no surprises there hahaha) for Valentines and I’m having a Galentines meal with one of my closest uni chicks; needless to say I’m looking forward to it! We’re treating ourselves to a Mark’s and Spencer’s (POSH student treat) “Dine in for Two for £20” which entails starter, main, side, dessert, chocolates and a bottle of fizzy for us😍 not bad for a tenner each! We’ve settled for Camembert and tomato tarts, sirloin steak with rosemary crushed potatoes and crème brûlée. And topped off with a lovely bottle of Italian prosecco🥂

I reflect back to last year’s Valentine’s Day. I was with my ex (J) at the time and I was head over heels. I worked the Sunday lunch service and Valentine’s late romantic lunch at work (gastropub) and was being teased by my manager that I was gonna be taken to McDonalds for a 99p chicken mayo as a romantic treat😂 

But I was picked up in J’s terrible-falling-apart Renault Clio, with my bags, from home and driven back to his house. I’d already met J’s parents and brother, and was introduced to his grandpa who was a complete character! It’s funny as I feel like I miss J’s family more than him hahaha; we broke up about a month and a half after Valentine’s because of exams, problems with communication and a (his) fuck up at a party. (We also grew up, went to uni and met up again through mutual friends over Christmas [2016] and finally agreed to be civil despite the messiness but haven’t spoken since. Ho hum, pigs bum!)

Anyway, so I had been very soppy and bought J some mini bottles of alcohol that had significance to our relationship: 

• Jack Daniels Honey, from the first house party we hooked up at.

• Jägermeister, as it is his favourite

• Disaronno, as it’s one of my faves and a bit nutty (like me) and he also got madged on it

I also got him a custom train ticket because we planned to go on little road trips or train trips over the summer (quote, “it’s not about where you go, it’s who you travel with”) It also had “Team Jellie” in place of the National Rail watermark as a reminder of our terrible name given to us by our friends, and of the beer pong games we kept losing when we first properly met. I also added a cute card featuring two elephants (cause I was his Ellie hahahha, geddit?)

And he treated me to one of the best and most expensive meals ever at a really nice gastropub in J’s village. We had three courses of gorgeous seafood, steak and a shared chocolate selection (even though he wasn’t a complete chocolate fiend like me) in a beautiful atmosphere that just oozed sophistication and romance.  J knew that the way to my heart was via my stomach, accompanied with a big hug. 

Whilst I had an amazing night with someone I genuinely cared about and loved, I felt that it was ridiculous the money spent to make such a big fuss. I felt that if he’d cooked a slap up meal of beans on toast and we’d binge watched OITNB or TWD like we did at New Year, it would have been as equally enjoyable but normal. But I guess he wanted to do something to commemorate our first Valentine’s. 
Anyway, I maintain that Valentine’s is overly commercialised and there’s too much pressure to be with someone for the occasion, and that real love doesn’t demand a day to recognise it. 

So here’s to love, and to spending Galentines with someone I do love to pieces, who is an amazing friend to me. A different kind of love, but still love nonetheless. ❤️❤️

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