Netball Social @Pizza Express

I’m gonna put it straight: I am terrible at turning up to netball socials. I am the one flakier than a Greggs’ sausage roll, that replies “going” to events on Facebook and never actually turns up. Recently, I’ve been even worse – clicking “maybe”…

But tonight was different and the Langwith College netball team/squad went out for an absolutely fab meal at Pizza Express in York tonight🍕 There were thirteen of us (there’s an old wives tale about thirteen at the table, but I don’t believe structuring my social life around a load of mumbo jumbo) and we waited about 20 minutes for our booked table to be ready… not disastrous but we were starving

For starter, I had the Pizza Express classic/staple/basic… dough balls. Oh my god, I cannot begin to explain how simply delicious and satisfying these baked beauties are. I often switch up my food choices/selections at restaurants, but today went back to one of my all time favourites: the Romana Padana, a thin and crispy base loaded with tomato, goats’ cheese, caramelised onions, fresh red onions, spinach and mozzarella. In addition to its mouthwatering deliciousness (I’m drooling as I’m writing this) 25p is donated to the Macmillan Cancer charity. It’s not much, but it’s a little something for a pizza. Normally I’d forego the starter and have a side of polenta chips, but the 2 courses for £9.95 meant that wasn’t possible. Cri. 

I miss the Autunno pizza from PE; it was an Autumn limited edition pizza, with feta, butternut squash and chorizo – a true genius blend of earthy, tangy, sweet and smokey flavours on a perfect signature pizza base😍

Anyway, to finish off the gorgeous starter and main (accompanied by a deliciously zesty Sicilian still lemonade) I had the Italian Tiramisu. Pure f*cking heaven. I don’t drink coffee, but I adore the taste of coffee (weird, I know) and the mix of coffee, chocolate, liquor and sponge hit the spot.

Going to Pizza Express was such a lovely change to a traditional, alcohol-centric social; I felt like I got to know my teammates better (still working on remembering names hahah!) The meal reminded me of my sixth form days, when my best friend Cat and I would go for a Pizza Express lunch on a Tuesday (40% off with NUS lads, oi oi) I miss her millions and will hopefully see her soon💖 
So I’m going to make more of an effort to attend future netball socials with these awesome girls (and BakingSoc, there’s a couple of girls who go and were super impressed my sloffee cake – see previous post) and next week is St. Trinians! Can’t wait😁

(I’m the third one in on the right hand side)


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