Appreciation (Watkins family oioi)

One of my closest friends at uni, the ditzy yet absolute gem Olivia Watkins, listened to me talk sh*t for about an hour this evening. We were at a film screening (more to follow on this) and I received some bad news (more to follow on that)

Anyway, Twatkins (cute nickname I know😉) knew I was upset and listened to me jabber on about stuff. After an hour or so, I went to the loo (her premium ensuite bearing in mind… ooooooh) and when I came back she gave me a little gift bag. 

Her mum and dad (who I’ve met a couple of times and get on so well with) had told her to give me this “pick me up” when I was feeling down. I nearly cried again when she told me this, and I opened it. 

Not only did Olivia’s parents TOTALLY CAPTURE MY STYLE, but it just fits perfectly with my day to day jewellery and go to outfits. 

I’m so grateful to have friends like Liv, and equally grateful to have met her parents who are totally awesome and supportive. Something so simple and the thought has put a smile on my face ☺ friends are so important; big ’em up❤️


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