127hrs of shots and sleep

On Monday night, my childhood best friend drunkenly messaged me that he missed me and that he was gonna come up to see me the next day. Or words to that extent, at 2am. Another mate of ours decided he wanted in and at 9pm on Tuesday, my two loveable idiots arrived🎉 it was such a lovely feeling to see them after a really difficult few days (see previous post) and my mum was right that they’d get me drunk and have a barrel of laughs. After getting my attention by honking the car horn repeatedly and rapidly (one guy is a drummer) and helping me bring in my shopping, we had dinner: cod Thai red curry and rice, with garlic bread and Camembert. 

They’d also brought up a 20 pack of Bier de Luxe from Lidl, a can of pussy (plus their sleeping bags etc👌🏼) and a bunch of daffs and a cake from my parents. Babes. 

So the night was full of drinking, card games, laughs, band practice crashing and catching up with them and two other mates who go to York too. G passed out on the sofa at like 1am, after multiple shots of straight Barcardi. 

I slept for about three hours, and woke up at 8 so G could top up the car parking. A jam packed day at uni consisting of a seminar, lecture and touring prospective law students round campus on 3 hours sleep was torture. Didn’t have a hangover thank god!!🍻 I collapsed at 4pm and slept until house fajita night at 7 (which was pengggggg) and back to sleep from 8 til 9:30am – I only woke up twice to go to the loo. 

This morning I felt so refreshed after my marathon sleep and a hot shower… made a fruity fresh breakfast and a peppermint tea – I’m now ready to carpe diem

Never say no to the impromptu; remember to live your life, even if it does mean a massive catch-up for sleep. I miss Ginger and G more than anything already, but glad that I’m re-energised both physically and emotionally❤️ 

Eat, drink, love, my homies✌🏼


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