Oh god I’ve been so productive over these past couple of days! And I feel good

  1. FINISHED MY COURSEWORK ESSAY (public law, it’s grim… about constitutional law principles, prerogative powers, and the Miller / Brexit case) I’ve written about the operation, scope and limitations of prerogative powers – where the executive in government (Theresa May) has authority to do public acts without consulting parliament. In addition I mention key constitutional law principles – the rule of law, (nobody is above it) parliamentary sovereignty, (parliament has the last say in conflict between the executive and parliament) the  separation of powers (prevent a dictatorship) and democratic representative society and government. Finally, I’ve come to a conclusion whether the Miller case was an ordinary application of these principles. F*cking exhausting for a 1500 word essay and about 200 pages of reading and research. Umm not kidding. 😭
  2. Went on a couple of dates with C, and things are looking good. Realised just how caring (and hot) he is😂 he spontaneously decided he wanted to visit me on Thursday, and made a massive effort to impress (he also stopped over😁) He’d bought a nice bottle of Shiraz (I normally hate red wine as it’s too rich, but this was surprisingly pleasant. Ooh er and chin chin🍷 C also made a big effort to get to know my friends a little, as he’d made the effort of introducing me to his. But he also wanted to spend time with me which was so lifting that he is interested and there. I opened up to him, something I find really difficult when I care or like someone or it’s in an intimate situation, because I don’t want to hurt anyone. (This blog is different ok ok you’re most likely strangers hahaha) His hugs are still on point, and a nice change from the friendly/obligatory hugs at uni. This morning I was verbally presented with a very positive report from friends, so that’s a bonus!
  3. I made a peng lasagne – and it was packed full of veg and low fat turkey mince. Slightly burnt top, but accompanied with some refreshing coconut water and grapefruit/mint infused water, I felt like the epitome of health. (Let’s ignore the fact that I felt like I’ve eaten 1000000 bits of chocolate this week lol)😛 also been watching Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals, getting lots of inspiration for meals and major food envy😍
  4. Also made a vanilla pound cake with a lemon drizzle top🍰 Buzzing. Marv said it was 80% better than his grandma’s lemon drizzle cake; I’ll take that as praise indeed😉We couldn’t wait to dig in, so a more realistic photo was taken👌🏼
  5. Caught up on sleep and it was wonderful. I think I have finally readjusted my f*cked up sleeping pattern thanks to a combination of Pukka Night Time tea (delicious combo of lavender, oat flower, camomile and valerian root that makes you feel all relaxed and nicely sleepy)
  6. Watched OITNB (again) as relaxation, and I’m enjoying it more (addicted) the second time around (CAUSE YOOOOOU’VE, GOT, TIIIIIIIIIIIIIME😅) Also managed to convince my folks to watch it (watch this space)
  7. The other night, I had a really deep conversation with my mum, and am evermore excited to go home in a week or so. I’ve sometimes been rocky with my mum and felt she favours my younger brother (Mumma’s lil boy, whereas I’ve grown up and more and more like her ahahah help) Anyway, we talked on Facebook for ages about relationships, marriage, teenage pregnancies… I love talking about contraversial and opinionated topics in general, and I find it so fascinating to listen and contest my mum’s views – especially because she can be harsh and sweeping, but she feels it’s a generational thing… yeah right, she’s just stubborn and quick to judge (but I wouldn’t change that about my mumma as she will listen!)
  8. Went to Nando’s with my house; it’s something we love doing together and we don’t normally spend a lot of time together which is such a shame! Also had dinner Faith and Olivia – a gorgeous mix of fried plantain, coconut rice and beans and jerk chicken. Earlier in the week I’d made them my very first meatloaf – flavourful and juicy – served with broccoli and thinly sliced potatoes. Love our lil social dinners❤️
  9. Started to read Mark Haddon’s “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime” and I’m not giving away any spoilers BUT OMG IT IS GRIPPING. It’s narrated from a 15 yr old boy called Christopher with Asperger’s syndrome and the plot is rich as he pushes the boundaries of his small comfort zone in order to solve a murder mystery (of Wellington the dog, not a person.) Haddon does an amazing job of reinforcing the way Christopher’s brain works, through child like interpretations of more complex issues such as relationships and emotions, and a lack of commas (it’ll do your nut in if you’re a grammar freak like me!) to emphasise this unbroken stream of thought. Get reading guys, it’s beautiful to immerse yourself in a literary, alternative world📚

I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot over this short timeframe, which seems bloody miraculous compared to the low motivation a week or so ago… I wanna know what everyone has been up to recently! Aha this is good😁

    Enjoy this grim filtered photo of me being very happy about life😂


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