Property Revision

I HATE revising. I hate it more than the actual exam. I hate assessments at university to be honest. To quote Donny Meg, “whoever said university was easier than A-Levels, they were talking a load of bullsh*t.”

So I’ve been PBLing the property problem and as per our SLF spends ages chatting away and going on tangents about irrelevant or obscure things. But I feel like we’ve covered most of the bases and I do appreciate/enjoy revising together. The most frustrating thing is, however, the bloody group chat pinging off every five minutes with questions that have already been asked and answered. JUST SCROLL UP GUYS! And certain people please stop flapping about the tasks, everyone is in the same boat here, sweetheart, you’re not the only one finding it hard. It just gets others more on edge and stressed. (You know who you are, discipline yourself and shut the f*ck up. Please.) – kisses, E.H., xoxox 

P.S. Also, revision is not a f*cking competition. Stop comparing yourself to others! By all means revise and check with each other (but no collusion oi oi) but don’t enforce your personal methods/volume on peers, it’s just obnoxious (or just being a prick/bell end/knob, as they say in the North.)

Anyway, the way my exams are structured is that I get material (in the form of a PBL-style problem) released to me 48hrs before the actual exam… which allows me to really focus on particular areas of law and structure potential answers to formative and normative essay style questions. But it’s hella stressful too, finding the relevant law and journal articles as well as trying to remember it all in the exam! 

I feel like I’ve done a lot today, really organised my thoughts about the exam. I made 9x A4 sides of notes about Trusts, the problem, proprietary estoppel, family law in the home, marriage, cohabitants, change in law, criticisms and theories, aims and applications of property law. I’ve highlighted TLATA 1996 and LPA 1925 for exact bits of the statute that apply to this problem, read through notes and explanations and viewed PowerPoints on lecture recapture – a very expensive subscription for many at £9000 per year. Bit of a rip off if you ask me😉 I’m kinda making a big fuss about what I’ve done because my arsewipe of a housemate criticised me for not dedicating enough of the 48hrs to actual revision. I said I was going to aim for about 20 hours of revision, but want to go to the gym and relax, have a dece night’s sleep and eat right as well. That’s really important to me, to actually look after myself and not burn out like my other housemate! But anyway, arsewipe was shocked that I was not aiming for 36 hours that he would do. But what does he know? He doesn’t sleep enough, eats sh*t food and does biomed — a completely different course and exam set up to Law. 
I’m cranky and can’t sleep, it’s 1am. I’m also lonely AF, missing my family and friends a lot. Needed to rant a little, and express how crap exams are. 

But there’s one thing to take away from all this. Just because you’re stressed about exams, doesn’t give you any right to be an arsehole to people because they’re doing the same sorry goddamn things. Instead, why not give them a hug, cup of tea (or tuna pasta salad like I did for Donny this evening) to make em feel a bit more loved during a stressful period. 


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