Going the extra mile

There’s no doubt about it, the world is a f*cked up place. In just three months, the UK has experienced three terrorist attacks: Westminster, Manchester and (most recently) London Bridge/Borough Market. Every single day, there are people drinking dirty water, starving, smuggled into sex trafficking, dying from AIDs, malaria, cancer, suicide. The disasters that are occurring on the daily are infinite – minute and individual or the macro.

Last night, I had a really awesome outing in Leeds with a guy. We went bowling at Roxy Lanes (it’s seriously quirky) and I got thrashed due to my terrible and erratic bowling skills. TWO strikes that didn’t count because I missed the first shot. Typical me.  Anyway, we had a walk round Leeds, ate some gorgeous tapas at Ambiente (octopus, patatas y chorizo, fried goats’ cheese, olives, shrimp and crab croquettes and spicy garlic prawns (gambas)) and then went to a gig at a music bar (Oporto) to listen to a couple of incredible electronic/indie bands… kinda hard to whack a genre label on these bands, Loux and Low Island. Afterwards, we were stuck in Leeds station for a bit and decided to play a couple of tunes on a public piano. Honestly, the acoustics in Leeds train station are amazing and make everything sound so much better and have a sort of ethereal vibe to them.

This guy clearly making a huge effort to plan it all, and I seriously had an awesome time.

But as we were walking around Leeds, there were loads of homeless people around. It was so saddening that we couldn’t give something to everyone, and that these people are homeless in the first place.

I realise I have gone off on a complete tangent here, but my point is that if everyone did a little to help on the micro level, the world could start to become a better place. Yes, there are still these macro level issues and the support and love displayed in light of these atrocious events is simply overwhelming and beautiful. The Manchester One Love benefit concert (I’ve been watching highlights) was mindblowing. I was reduced to tears curled up in bed; I can’t imagine what it must have felt like to be standing in those crowds. Wouldn’t it be nice, though, to not have had the attack in the first place? Losing a loved one marks their loving and loved ones with an irrevocable emotional scar. The masses are showing their support after a tragedy – which is fantastic.

What troubles me is that the homeless heroes, such as Steven Jones and Chris Parker, have only received help themselves and recognition for their humanity because of the Manchester attack. Surely this indicates that there aren’t enough provisions for the homeless, and that these two men are only the very tip of the iceberg. Something needs to be done to help people get off the streets and have a shot at a better quality of life. I found a really provocative article by the Guardian, which is well worth a read, about the homeless and compassion. We could all do a bit to help.

It’s rewarding to go the extra mile, to see a smile on someone’s face. Even if it’s a just a small pick-me-up when someone is feeling a bit blue. More often than not, it’s the thought and gesture that means the most.

My friends have had arguments and felt that certain apologies are not sincere. Going out of your way to rectify a wrong is so important, as it demonstrates how much friendships and relationships mean to you.

Guys, I’m shattered and a bit of a frazzled, emotional mess (if I’m being honest) and my message (like my title) is to go the extra bit for someone. Even if it’s just a small thing, try and make your world positive. Hell, I’ve been drunk in a club toilet before, and honestly another drunk girl telling you you’re beautiful or seem lovely or that they like your style is lifting. But that might just be the shots;) In addition to my previous post about anxiety and depression, some kind words to someone might just make their day a little brighter. There’s so much negativity in the world, and there is positivity too… let’s continue to stand strong, be supportive and spread the love.


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