Trim Time

Hello my lovelies, it’s been a long time, I know:( been buried under a load of coursework and revision for my resits!

I’ve managed to pack in some lil adventures (I’ll write about these soon!) but today I’ve taken a little break to get my hair done. 

Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate,  but I’m so pleased with Stacey’s (new hairdresser) work! Not only did she manage to replicate a previous stylist’s cut, but she put her own twists into my short ‘do. She made the edges softer and a seamless blend from clipped sides and back into a longer top. Se had to guess the clipper setting (5) and managed to get it spot on. The back of my hair falls in a neat point, which feels very feminine… something my mum’s feared I’d lose with a very short trim. 

What made Stacey stand out, was her warm personality and product recommendations. She styled my hair with this awesome matt, natural-looking “punch powder” that also absorbs excess hair oil and grease like a dry shampoo. Love it, and will be buying some soon!

Honestly, I feel so much better after getting my hair done. So much less stressed thanks to a wash cut and blow dry, but it’s nice to take care of myself for once. My house is a complete mess and it’s bugging me out – there’s no bin lid which has caused so many flies, and I need to scrub everything. I’m becoming more OCD, Des Hughes style!🤣 but as soon as I’ve done my resits this week (property [boo] and obligations – Tort and contract [yaas]) I’ll be sorting it all out. Kinda sad that I’m so excited to clean😅

In the photo above you can see I’ve got a SUPER cute ear cuff (which is from Claire’s… ikr) and I’m so so so keen to get more! I want to get my left conch (so the cuff is permenant), right helix and right third lobe pierced soon. I’ve really fallen in love with silver jewellery after experimenting with gold and rose gold, and think it’s a really good match to my pale af complexion and weird undertones. (I’m mixed in undertones and race sooooo) It’s not like gold doesn’t suit me (it brings out the flecks in my dark brown eyes) but I feel that silver is daintier and more my style. 
Aaaaand back to work I go, but remember to show yourself some love. Whether this is internally or externally, it’s important to look after yourself. 

Peace out🤙🏻


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