I got a job!

Once upon a time, I used to work in my local gastro pub and it I loved working there. Only a short walk away, with good pay, hours and staff, I learned so much over the three years I worked there. But after it was shut down just after new year, I was officially made redundant. 

When I visited home and had to cope with watching my dad regress with the progression of his cancer, I found that going to work was a really good way to give myself some space and direction. Of course at Easter time, I didn’t have anything to do (like going to work) and was getting more frustrated at home. 

Anyway, when I’d got back to uni, I went to Yo! Sushi with Faith and Olivia and pigged out to the max- Faith and I demolished £65 of food on a blue Monday (impressive or what?!) between us. One of the best meals ever. I’d noticed how short staffed Yo seemed and asked a front of house member if there were any vacancies… after a quick conversation wth the assistant manager, I’d arranged to drop off my CV and have a chat with her that week. Cutting a long story short, I managed to land myself a job at Yo! Sushi as a front of house team member just by having a huge appetite and the guts (pardon the pun) to ask for a job. 

Two months after my official start date, I can honestly say that I’m having a ball here. My colleague have been incredibly friendly and welcoming; I’ve felt that they’ve given me invaluable advice and direction to help me here. My managers are fair and a good laugh, the chefs are so much more relaxed than at my old job. And here, I’m the baby🤣 I’m not training up 16 year olds in a stressful environment and loving the cheery and more relaxed atmosphere at Yo!

Also, let me clear one thing up: the staff perks are amazing. Free food and tasters; also I’ve taken my friends out for lunch, and had a juicy staff discount to use – totally worth it. Being part of a chain (limited company too) has meant that there are more policies and stuff in place to keep employees happy and safe. Something I found weird was when my workmates were checking “what we were on” – for target sales, which was something I never encountered before working at an independent pub. The pay is significantly better and tips too (probably because more people come in!) and I signed an official contract for the first time in my life – if you exclude the tenancy deed! 

Don’t get me wrong, I miss the pub so much back home and it is such a shame that it’s closed down. But I’m so much happier here working in the city of York, and having a job has made me so much more organised. It’s given me some drive and direction, and introduced me to so many different people. Being trained in a different place has given me confidence in my skills and ability to make them transferable, but also stopped me getting lax and able to get away with things just because I was the favourite back home (direct quote from my manager;)) Reflecting back, I had been there for three years – longer than anybody else – and worked about 30 hours a week over the summer, picking up whatever shifts I could manage. Lee, my manager, would give me first choice in which shifts I wanted and any holiday was immediately granted. We got on, I worked hard. And I plan to work hard and develop good relationships here at Yo, and continue working in my second year of uni!

I’ve written this on a break, and I’ve got to head back to serving people some seriously delicious Japanese food.

Domo, Ellie x


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