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As a child, my mum and grandmas would tell me to look after my skin. Also, they all would be told they look younger than they are, because they took care of themselves – especially my mum and her mum… probs because they’re Chinese. Anyway, I try to look after my skin as it’s one of the important things your body has. Yeah, I look 15 because of my baby face and clear skin (but we’ll see who’s laughing in 45 years time😉)

Here’s a little info about my skin: it’s pale af. You’d expect being mixed race, I’d have this gorgeous olive tone, but I’m actually paler than my dad was hahah! It takes approximately ten minutes in the sun for me to turn a fetching shade of lobster (which makes me sore and a little… crabby🦀) So I’ve embraced my pale complexion and the multitude of nicknames that follow (Casper the Friendly Ghost etc etc.) 

My skin rarely breaks out, and I’ve never had a really bad case of acne, like my brother suffers. I get the occasional spot, but that tends to be from hormones (more like horMOANs) rather than oily skin. It’s also sensitive and I’ve found that using particular products are a nightmare for me. 

Without further ado, here’s some of the things I do to keep my skin as healthy as can be:

  • Drink water – you’ve heard this a gazillion times but man I drink 3 litres of water MINIMUM per day, plus a glass or two of juice and endless cups of herbal tea. Water is also found in veg, like cucumbers and tomatoes; the vitamins and minerals also help keep skin clear and nourished. Water, as you probably well know, flushes out toxins and dirt. 
  • Exfoliating – I keep St Ives Apricot Scrub in the shower and use it 2-3 times per week, depending on how clogged my pores feel. I try not to over exfoliate as skin is delicate – speaking of which, avoid the eyelids etc! Also by having a hot shower, my pores are opened up so they can be emptied of any gunk. 
  • Pore strips – I’ve used a couple of T-Zone’s activated charcoal nose pore strips, and yes I’m fascinated by the debris😂 there’s never loads on the strips, but they’re fun to do mid week in between face masks. 
  • Face masks – I’m a sucker for sheet masks. My friend Jing had brought me a couple of collagen ones from China, around 6 years ago and I was instantly hooked. I’ve found that Korean ones are really moisturising and won’t break the bank – you can pick them up in bodycare or on Amazon for a couple of quid. Even TK Maxx if you keep your eye out. I also love the L’Oréal clay masks to help tighten my skin (my fave is the green one!) I’ll do one face mask per week. 
  • Shower gel – I found that using products with sodium laureth sulphate dries my skin out and leaves it feeling really bumpy. After long searches on the internet, I found two UH-MAZING products: Body Shop’s Almond Milk and Honey Shower Cream, Dr Bronner Organic Castille Soap (I picked the green tea one.) Whilst they’re both kinda pricey, it means that my skin feels repaired and silky after a shower. 
  • Moisturise – I use Simple light day moisturiser on my face as it’s lightweight feel freshens me up. It’s not too oily or heavy, but really good at providing my face with the essential moisture. It doesn’t have any perfumes either, which irritates my skin (why I can use certain scrubs and body butter.) I also love body butter, particularly Soap and Glory for a zingy scent, or shea or cocoa butter based ones for a more natural smell. 
  • Temperature – I never have the air con or radiator on. Ever. Makes my skin drier than a camel’s toes. I keep a little money plant, called dickblatt, in my room to help balance the humidity in my room. I haven’t killed it yet😂
  • Balanced diet – again, obvious, but eating foods rich in vitamin e, mono/polyunsaturated fats, iron, vitamin c, omega 3 oils, folic acid and a whole host of other things helps keep break ours down to a minimum and boost that healthy glow. Exercise helps too, to increase circulation.
  • Makeup – I always take it off before bed and give my face a break from cosmetics when I’m in the house or can’t be arsed with applying makeup. I make sure I use decent products (and non animal testing) and try to use them within the use by time. Washing brushes and beauty blenders has never been a priority of mine, but I’m trying hard as it decreases the amount of lurking bacteria (and old grim makeup)
  • Chapstick – don’t forget your lips!
  • SPF – earlier I mentioned my pale pasty skin (Maybelline No. 4 Light Porcelain represent!) and its sensitivity to the sun. A few years back (in Spain) I fell asleep on the beach and woke up to burns all over my front and it was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced. I try to wear at least factor 30 suncream (my fave is the Garnier invisible sprays) to protect myself in the short and long run (baaaaad UV)

So there’s lots of things to help promote healthy skin, and I’m sure there’s more I could do. But I have embraced my freckles and ivory skin tone, and I love it. My skin goes through a lot – it’s scarred and I bruise like a peach, but it shows the adventures I have. 

Take care of yourself, show yourself some love and it’ll show. Smiles and love all round,

Ellie x


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