A bit about me: my name is Ellie, and I’m 19. I’m half Chinese, half English and 100% unique (Just like everybody else…) Currently studying Law LLB BA Hons at the University of York.

I’ve (unsuccessfully) tried blogging in the past, and have decided to rekindle my love for writing… documenting my life (which is changing quickly) is kinda fun and interesting – maybe if not for you, then weird old me can look back at this and inevitably laugh at myself. I feel that I’m going to learn and grow so much over the next three years (and even more so in the future) and it’s going to be important for me to have an outlet to keep me grounded. And a place for me not to forget the fun times.

After being encouraged by some fab students on http://www.campussociety.com, I have started this blog in addition to my channel… wahey.

I write about many aspects of my life, including my studies, thoughts and feelings, mental health, social life, food and bevvies… the list goes on and I’ll try to categorise things as best as I can. I have a deep love for knitwear, gin, tea, cooking, baking, art and typography💫

Well then, I guess as I write more and more on this blog, you’ll get to know me. As Carroll said, “down the rabbit hole…”